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Cruise - for an "Experiential Journey" - on the Brahmaputra, one of the greatest rivers of Asia, onboard our prestigious river cruise vessel, M.V. Mahabaahu. The Brahmaputra in Assam spans from 3 to 40 kilometers across (2-25 miles), flowing under the shadows of the eastern Himalayas with mountains reaching a height of over 7400 meters (24, 278 feet). The area along the river is a true natural history paradise. Here you find over 850 different species of birds, fresh water dolphins, and four national parks with abundant elephants, single-horned rhinos, and wild buffalo. Perhaps most fascinating to the visitor, are the over 40 different tribal cultures found in the region. Other attractions are Buddhist monasteries and Hindu Gurukuls, teaching in an education style of over 5, 000 years. The architecture of the temples of Assam, built in traditional Indian and Thai style, showcases the artistic talents of the local people. The brilliant greens of the terraced rice paddies and the lush tea plantations will have you marveling at this little-known paradise.
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