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You can explore Rajasthan in most luxurious, relaxing and enjoyable way possible. You can travel with the private chauffeured SUV Tyota Innova car and stay at the Luxury Heritage hotels, which are not expensive. It’s more comfortable and flexible private journey a way of travel. There is no need to explore the Fort, palaces and temple everyday, you have enough time to explore the village, local market, vegetable Market and interact with the Village school teacher on the way, while you driving from one city to another city or explore the wedding ceremony. Its Luxury tours of Rajasthan give you opportunities to avoid the tourist crowd. Castle & King India Inc will take you to the deep village, where life is not changed and you can still see the Potters, carpenters, cobblers and silversmiths still working and living their life happily On the way you can explore the herds of cattle and goats. There are few Names of the Heritage hotels, which we can add in your travel plan: Chhatra Sagar, Rawala Narlai, Sahapura Bagh, where you can explore the traditional village life while staying in comfortable heritage hotels.
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